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HEAT'D: Ep.1

HEAT'D: Ep.1


We are the story tellers about every day experiences you live in Miami.

The Vice Mayor of Hallandale Beach - Sab


Meet Sabrina Javellana, FIU student and Vice mayor of Hallandale beach. The 21 year old college student ran for office just last year, making her the youngest Vice mayor ever. Sabrina is a proud, lifelong resident of Hallandale beach whose family migrated from the Philippines and Illinois. She strives to use her international relations degree to be an advocate for social justice, primarily for disadvantaged groups. Working in governmental relations in the past has prepared her to address common problems such as increased public education, protection of children and seniors, and effective disaster preparedness. She works for issues regarding economic inequality, race, affordable healthcare and gender based issues. During her time in office, Sabrina hopes to continue to make decisions that would increase the opportunities for people in Hallandale Beach. Follow me as I try to understand how Sabrina balances being both a FIU student and the Vice Mayor of Hallandale beach.

By Eboni Thompson

Commuiting in Miami.mp4.00_03_21_17.Stil


f you live attend FIU, you've probably heard students complain about traffic when they come to campus. Transportation has always been a hot topic in Miami, and college students are no stranger to their fair share of traffic jams. In this video, millennials and Gen Zers at FIU chatted about their thoughts on Miami traffic, as well as show how I commute from home to school, work, and everywhere else in between.

By Gabriella Pinos

Food Pantry at Florida International Uni


This is the food pantry on both MMC and BBC campuses at Florida International University. This is where many different types of foods are donated for students who cannot afford to purchase their own meals. Nowadays, with college tuition so high, many students cannot afford to purchase their own meals due to their low income. Campuses all around the United States have set up food pantries to help with food insecurities for students.

By Sofia Vidal & Isabella Costa

Housing in Miami.mp4.00_01_17_21.Still00


This story talks about the housing prices in the Miami areas where Generation Z and young Millenials want to live in. You will find some facts and advise which may serve you when the decision to become an independent individual becomes real.

By Jensey Rivera

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 12.57.50


Miami Watersports Complex is a hidden gem inside of Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah. Whether you are a beginner or a pro there is something for everybody to do. Home to the only cable wake-boarding park in South Florida with ramps it's the perfect place to live out your x-gamer dreams.

Jessica Gomez

The Vaping Epidemic.mp4.00_00_11_03.Stil


With a recent rise in vaping among our youth, it is important now more than ever to understand the effects vaping and cigarettes have on pretty much anyone who uses them. According to CNN, in the last year alone, we've seen a 78% increase in high school students vaping and a 48% increase in middle school students vaping. In this video we sat down with Dr. Mario Rub, a Pediatric Pulmonologist, to gain a better understanding of how vaping and the use of cigarettes came about, his insight on the effects vaping has on the lungs and what we can do to put an end to this rising epidemic. Dr. Rub ultimately helped us understand why adults and especially children under the age of 18 should really just stay away from this very scary new trend.

By Ariel Auerbach

The Need For Weed.mp4.00_03_25_25.Still0


The legalization of medical cannabis is new to Florida. An entire industry dedicated to health and wellness exists in our community, yet it's hidden from sight. This feature follows the application process and products involved in medical marijuana as an expert for Miracle Leaf Wellness guides the conversation.

By Hermes Estevez

Miami Entertainment.mp4.00_00_32_14.Stil


A look into the spots in Miami where everyone is welcome. Learn a little about the LGBTQ community and entertainment offered here in Miami. Daniel Blair, also known as, DJ Hottpants gives you the insight on events held at Gramps. Gramps is a bar in Wynwood that hosts a weekly drag show. They make sure everyone feels that they can be themselves and have a great time.

By Ashley Zemotel



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